1. Apply to Fullerton College

Apply to Fullerton College to receive your Fullerton College Banner ID
and gain access to MyGateway.

Apply to Fullerton College

Click the button below if you need assistance applying to Fullerton College.

2. Complete the Fullerton College Online Orientation

Learn valuable things about Fullerton College and it’s services and how to receive assistance
with your educational planning.

The orientation can be accessed by logging into MyGateway  using your new Banner ID, click the “Fullerton” tab, click “New and Returning Students”, and then click “Fullerton College Orientation”.

Once you pass the quiz and the Orientation is complete, there will be check marks under each tab.
Please note that you must pass the quiz at the end of the orientation to satisfy this requirement. 

Are you unsure of your Major or Career goals?

The SuperStrong Interest Assessment is a great tool to use when exploring careers and majors. It is helpful to complete before meeting with a counselor as the conversation revolves around your major choice.
You do not need your Fullerton College ID and do not have to meet with a counselor for this free assessment.

3. Have a Student Education Program Plan (SEPP) & Complete Placement with a FC Counselor

If you have not met with a Fullerton College Counselor, please schedule a New Student Group Advising session. 

These appointments are only for new, first-time college students! 


1. Click the blue arrow in the bottom right corner

2. Enter your 8-digit Banner ID

3. Confirm that you are a New, first-time college student

4. Answer if you have completed the Fullerton College Online Orientation (see step above)

5. Answer the two questions about our ESL program

6. Mark that you are not a current Special Admit student (not a current high school student)

7. Answer if you are an international student

8. Answer if you are a Veteran or Active Service Member.

9. Watch the Counseling Video and pass the quiz

10. Click the link to make a New Incoming Student advising appointment!


After meeting with a Fullerton College Counselor, use your SEPP to register for classes.

4. Complete a Financial Aid Application

In order to qualify for the North Orange Promise, students must have a complete 2023/2024 financial aid application (FAFSA or CA Dream Act) on file with Fullerton College. Beginning October 1st, 2023, students will need to renew their application for the 2024/2025 year.

This includes any verification documents requested by the Fullerton College Financial Aid Office.

After submitting a Financial Aid Application, the Financial Aid office may request additional information. Log in to the financial aid verification page linked below in order to complete further requirements after submitting a financial aid application.

5. Sign the Promise Agreement!

Sign the Promise agreement to officially become a Promise Student at Fullerton College! 

The Promise Agreement is accessible through the New Student Checklist on MyGateway.

6. Registration: Full-Time units (12* or more!)

Students are required to enroll in 12* or more units to qualify for the North Orange Promise. When you meet with a counselor, they will recommend how many units to take each semester. 

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete 67% of the units attempted each semester.

* If receiving DSS (Disability Support Services), you may be able to enroll in less than 12 units. Please check in with a DSS counselor.

CE students who do not start the semester with all 12 units, but accumulate 12+ units throughout the semester are eligible.