Important Spring 2022 Dates

List of important Fall 2020 dates
How to Find SEPP

1. How-to Find your SEPP 

Follow the steps on the How to find your Student Education Plan Guide to locate the classes you and a counselor discussed for Fall 2021. These are the classes you look up in the Catalog & Schedule and register for.

Screenshot of the FC website

2. Search Spring 2022 Classes

Use the Catalog+Schedule to search for the classes listed on your SEP Plan!

Click the yellow “View Online Schedule” for an updated list of open and closed classes. 

3. How-to-Register Guide

Follow the steps on the How-To-Register Quick Guide to officially register for classes at Fullerton College. 

   Schedule Builder

Download the Schedule Builder to:

  • create an “ideal schedule” based on your Student Education Plan,
  • create a “Back-up Schedule”, and
  • outline what your week will look like.
    • What to include: work hours,    personal responsibilities,         study/homework time, etc.

Promise Reminders:

 – You must be registered for 12* or more units for the North Orange Promise Fee Waiver. Waitlisted units do not count toward the 12 units. 

Must have all steps completed to be eligible for the North Orange Promise. Not sure? Check in with a coach here.

– Once in 12* or more units and completing your steps, the North Orange Promise Fee Waiver will be applied to your account closer to the 1st day of Spring. Do not pay for your enrollment & health fees.

– Maintain good Financial Aid SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress).

– 2.0 GPA (your grades)

– Complete 67% or more of all units you have registered for with Fullerton/Cypress. (withdrawing & failing classes impacts this percentage)

If you do not meet these SAP requirements, you are at risk of losing the Promise benefits.

If you have any questions, please contact the Promise Team!

Click here to view our current services.     |     Email:

Promise Frequently Asked Questions

* If you are receiving DSS Services (Disability Support Services), you may be able to enroll in less than 12 units as determined by a DSS counselor. 

* CE (Certificate Program) students who do not start the semester with all 12 units, but accumulate 12+ units throughout the semester are eligible. Your enrollment and health fees will be paid once you are registered for more than 12 units.


Registration Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot register because of a hold. What do I do?

Log in to My Gateway and click on “Check for Holds”.  More information on your specific hold will be listed on that page. 

If you have other questions or need help, please contact Admissions & Records or The Promise Team.


What does it mean when a class is “Restricted”?

Restricted classes are reserved for students who are apart of special programs such as Puente, ESL, STEM, etc. 

How do I add a class that I am waitlisted for or that is “In Progress”?

Before August 23rd, 2021
If you have waitlisted for a class, check your email every day! If a spot opens up and you are #1 on the waitlist, you will receive an email to add the class within 48 hours. After 48 hours, if the spot is still open, #2 on the waitlist will then receive an email to add the class. 


After August 23rd, 2021
After the first day of class you will need an Authorization Code or “Add Code” from the professor to add any wait listed or In Progress classes.

– If you are interested in a class that is In Progress or have not received any email from your waitlisted professor after the first day of class: Email the professor and ask if they are still adding students to their class. Make sure to include your full name, the class title, and the CRN of the class you are requesting to join in your email.  It is up to the professor if they want to add students after the first day of class.


How do I use an Add Code?

1. Login to MyGateway and click on “Add or Drop Classes” under Registration Tools.   

–  If you are waitlisted for the class, click on the “Action” tab next to the class, and select Register.

–  If you are not waitlisted, enter the CRN number in one of the boxes.


2. Click “Confirm your Choices” and type the Add Code the professor gave you.


3. Click Validate. It will show “registered” on the add/drop page if you successfully used the Add Code. 

Add Codes can only be used 1 time and are unique to the CRN number of the class you are adding.