START is a Summer program to welcome new students to Fullerton College and to help you fully register for the Fall 2023 semester!


 During START, students will:

– Understand the registration process and feel empowered to register for classes alone or register with support staff

– Complete any missing North Orange Promise eligibility requirements for two-years free tuition (if you qualify)

 Foster positive relationships with other incoming students, faculty, and staff

– Learn about the amazing support programs and services at Fullerton College and where to locate additional resources

START Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend START?
START is intended for new, first-time college students. Students that have taken classes at Fullerton College do not need to register for START as much of the information may be repetitive for returning or continuing students. 

Where do I go the day of my START reservation? 
Students will receive a reminder email the last week of June and the day before their START date with Zoom links (virtual START days) or a map and directions (in-person START days). 

Can my parent/guardian/sibling/friend/etc. attend START with me?
If you are attending a START date in-person, we are unable to have guests attend workshops with students due to limited space. 

I received an email from Admissions and Records with my registration appointment and it is different than my START date.
Every semester, students will receive a registration appointment through email and MyGateway. This is the first day and time you will be able to access the “add or drop classes” page on MyGateway. If your registration appointment is before your START date, you are welcome to register for classes on your own and attend START for important information to know about registration and confirm your class schedule.

First-time students who have completed their online orientation, created a student education plan and placement with a counselor, and signed the Promise Agreement will be able to register on their START date. If you are missing one of these steps, you will need to wait until your registration appointment.

Have additional questions about the START program?

We are happy to help! Contact us through email: or text: (714) 278-4346.